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  • Data Processing Consent Form ARTICLE 1: PURPOSE OF THE CONSENT FORM As part of its service, HBS (the controller) will process some of your personal data. ARTICLE 2: COLLECTED DATA As part of its service, HBS will collect and process your personal data for HBS training programmes. The following information would be collected: Your full name, email address, job position, company, address, country, language spoken, CV, message. ARTICLE 3: PURPOSES OF DATA PROCESSING The data has been collected through this service to inform you about future training programmes. ARTICLE 4: LEGAL BASIS The personal data collected by HBS for this service is based on your consent. ARTICLE 5: RECIPIENT The personal data collected can only be consulted by HBS within the limits strictly necessary for its services. This data, whether in individual or aggregated form, is never made freely available to another third party. ARTICLE 6: DATA RETENTION PERIOD The personal data collected for this service will be retained by HBS during the performance of its service, and for the period during which HBS may be responsible. After these retention periods, HBS agrees to permanently delete your data. ARTICLE 7: SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY Personal data is retained under secure conditions, according to the current state of the technology, and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the national legislation. ARTICLE 8: RIGHTS You have the following rights regarding your personal data, which you can exercise by writing to the email address right to information, to access and to communication of data; right to rectification, to erasure (“right to be forgotten”); right to object; right to data portability; right to restriction of processing. HBS agrees to answer any request within a reasonable period of time that may not exceed one month from its receipt. If you consider that HBS does not respect its obligations regarding your rights about personal data, you can send a request to the competent authority (the CNIL in France). ARTICLE 9: DATA MINIMISATION HBS may also collect and process any data voluntarily transmitted by you for this service. HBS will orient you to send personal data strictly necessary for the performance of this service. HBS undertakes to retain and process only the data strictly necessary for its professional activities and the performance of its services, and to delete any unnecessary received data as soon as possible. ARTICLE 10: ACCESS TO DATA HBS would not be sharing data with any third party. The data collected would be only for the usage of HBS.